t has been long time since the ladies hand bag underwent any major change, not that it required one in the first place. So we at Prodigious Innovations thought of giving the hand bag an invisible upgrade, i.e., to make it a connected device to meet the requirements of the 21st century woman.

Thus born the idea of Flamingos connected handbag.Probably the world's first connected ladies handbag.

On the outside, it is a meticulously crafted hand bag built with finest materials and aesthetically designed for that stylish look.

Inside, we fitted the Flamingos handbag with some clever electronics and lot of thoughtful touches to make your space more organized and clutter free.

We have equipped the Flamingos handbag with:

• Six Smart Pockets that sense the presence or absence of debit / credit cards and alert you should something be amiss.

• Special slot for Passport or Cheque book to alert you when the same is not returned to the slot within a preset time.

• Dedicated slots for Keys, Ear pods, Pens, Power Bank and special provision to lock up your make up essentials. Apart from this you have the regular slots for your daily stuff or even a Tablet.


• The Flamingos bag is connected to your smart phone via an application (APP) which alerts you should you forget your card , passport or the hand bag itself.

• It can work in the reverse way too, help you locate the mobile in-case you misplaced it, by tapping on the Flamingos handbag.



Choose from: Neutral colors like White & Black for daily use , The Tan bag that goes absolutely with any thing. Hot and Chic Red Gold for the party Majestic blue to give the punch of style.


Prodigious Innovations has conceptualized, designed and brought to life the flamingos hand bag with dedicated work put up by the team headed by Mrs. Rajeswari Padala. We look forward to bringing many more innovations in the near future.